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Goa Weather in July
Tempreture varies from 26 to 36 C in July

The search for the perfect beach destination in India leads to Goa. The small state located on the west coast of India is one of the most popular tourist destinations

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Tribes in Goa


Goa, with its sandy beaches, blue sea, and clear skies, is the perfect holiday destination. There are many things to do and many things to see during your stay in Goa. People of Goa are extremely warm, friendly, hospitable and inviting. They welcome tourists from all around the world with open hearts. The population of Goa also includes descendents from various ancient tribes. Many of these tribes are thriving in Goa even today.

Tribes in Goa are an integral part of their cultural heritage. The chief tribes in Goa include:

  • Gowdas
  • Kunbis
  • Velips
  • Dhangars

Tribal people in Goa have more or less retained their ancient ways of life - practices, lifestyles and customs. Though they are very much aware of their development of the outside world, they have always preferred to stay connected with their roots.

Gowdas Tribe :

The Gowdas are the major tribe in Goa. The Gowda tribes reside deep within the interior villages of Goa. There is no official record describing the migration of the Gowda tribal clan in Goa. The Gowda tribals practice Hindu religion and worship lord Malikkarjun who is another form of Lord Shiva. The Gowdas guard their blood lines and ethnicity very seriously. Gowdas are not allowed to marry outside their tribes and follow this endogamy without fail. Gowdas allow cross-cousin marriages between maternal and paternal cousins. When the Portuguese forced a part of the Gowda community to convert to Christianity, the tribe was split up into three different groups. The Gowdas bury their dead in a burial ground and do not practice the usual Hindu custom of cremating them.

The Gowdas also provide many rights and powers to their women. The Gowda women are allowed to take part in the economic development of the community and can even work in the agricultural field. The Gowda laws allow their women to inherit her husband's property on his death.

Kunbis Tribe :

The Kunbis are said to be one of the original tribes in Goa. They are generally known to be very mild mannered and natured people who work hard to make a living. Kunbis used to follow Hindu religion but were later converted to Christianity by the Portuguese. The Kunbi folk dance is quite famous in Goa. The Kunbis mainly reside in the Salcete taluka of Goa.