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Goa Weather in July
Tempreture varies from 26 to 36 C in July

The search for the perfect beach destination in India leads to Goa. The small state located on the west coast of India is one of the most popular tourist destinations

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Nightlife in Goa


The only place in the country that promotes nightlife is Goa, making it the most happening destinations for the tourists. The vibrancy of the Goa gets enhanced further during the night, when each party hopper visits the nearby beaches and the shacks. The party culture in Goa has evolved with time, initially it was organized only on festivals, but now it has become a compulsion every night. What is famously called as rave parties are popular among the Goa visitors, it is said to have been introduced by the Hippies. The beach shacks are more famous than the expensive pubs and restaurants. One can either choose to dance the night away in the nightclubs or enjoy a great seafood, followed by a drink at pubs or bars. Goa also offers other nighttime entertainment through theaters, cruises and casinos.

Parties :

Parties are the integral part of the life in Goa, since the time the Hippies have come in contact with the place, the influence of these free spirited people can be noticed. Parties along the beaches and in the clubs are both hyped in Goa, Rave parties are also famous in the state. Rave parties usually involve: loud house or trance music, laser lights, alcohol and drug abuse, the government try to stop such gatherings due to free uses of addictive drugs, but it has already made a place in the hearts of the party people. The shacks are the main features of the Goa nightlife, one receives a great pleasure sitting on one of the shacks, with a great view of the beaches and listening to the faint songs in the background. There is a hundred percent guarantee for those who are in search of utter fun and spark in their lives.

Some of the most well known Discos and Nightclubs in Goa are:

Nightclubs are an important part of the nightlife in Goa. Some of the popular discos and nightclubs of Goa are:

  • Club Cabana
  • Club Antoosa
  • Tito’s
  • Club Extreme  
  • Alcove
  • Lido’s
  • Ziggy

Popular pubs and bars in Goa :

North Goa :

  • Olli’s Pub
  • The Red Lion Pub
  • Bob’s Inn
  • Cool Cat
  • Rum Runners

South Goa :

  • Chiddos
  • Bar Negro
  • Martins Corner
  • Lounghinos Bar

Casinos in Goa :

Try your hand at some games like the Blackjack, roulette and craps at some of the popular Casinos in Goa like:

  • Treasures Casino (Majorda Beach Resort)
  • Las Vegas, The Gaming Club (Leela Palace Hotel)
  • Cidade de Goa, Beach Resort and Casino
  • Casino at Dauna Paula

Cruises and Theaters :

Take a night cruise on the Mandovi River, board a yacht and enjoy the nightly sight of Panaji, Miramar Beach or the forts that have stood there for a long time. This is a very nice and a rare night out plan.

Some of the popular movie theaters are:

  • Cine National
  • Cine Lata
  • Cine Prashant
  • Cine Alankar and El - Capitan

Dinner by the sea has its own appeal altogether, enjoy the elegance of the natural ambience and the ethnic taste of the seafood served fresh in some fine restaurants.