Top 10 Beaches in Goa for an Amazing Holiday Vacations

The beaches in Goa are serene, a lot of fun activity can be done in and around here and meanwhile if one simply wishes to relax, then Goa beaches are ideal for that as well.

There are approximately 22 beaches in Goa and all of them are equally awesome. The question is bound to come to one’s mind. What beaches to visit in a limited days tour to Goa?

All the beaches in Goa have something or the other to fit the needs and necessities of one’s holiday tour to Goa. You desire something and more often than not, some of the Goa beaches will have it for you.

Given below are some of the best beaches in North Goa and South Goa, respectively. Check them out and decide which beaches you would wish to visit in your next trip to Goa.

North Goa:

goa beach

Goa’s nightlife is something we’ve all heard of. North Goa where one can truly live it at its best with some of the widely famous clubs in here. Over here, the tourists have the freedom to decide their own itineraries in their own style. Tourists can hire Bikes, jeeps, or cars and set out for their own adventures. Some of the best beaches in North Goa include:

  • Baga Beach:

    For an up-close and personal experience of authentic Goan culture, head to Baga Beach. Risk everything while enjoying the water-sports activities here including kayaking, water-skiing, parasailing, banana ride, windsurfing, water scooter, snorkeling and many more. Or hire a motorboat and watch out for dolphins. Or take motorbikes on rent and hit the road. Caution! You might spend all your money while shopping at Baga Beach. Give your spiritual side a tickle at Baga retreat house or enjoy a picnic at the Medicinal springs. Attend the annual Sangodd river fest or go to Club Titos, Cafe Mambo, Cocktails and Dreams, Sports Café and Cavala to experience Goan nightlife. Also, there are various beach shacks in Goa serving amazing Goan cuisine and offering ideal retreats to relax.

  • Candolim Beach:

    Now this is the beach in North Goa where one does not really go for partying time. This is a relatively calmer Goa beach and it is slightly less populated than other beaches in Goa. It is an ideal retreat for couples on honeymoons, who wish to spend a secluded, private time and also for nature lovers, who just wish to lose themselves amidst the infinite bounties of nature. Tourists here can indulge in wide range of water sports activities or can also spend their time in Yoga and meditation early mornings at the quiet, tranquil beach. Major attraction on the beach is Aguada Fort, which is a must-visit.

  • Anjuna Beach:

    Touted to be the “’freak capital of the world”, this is the beach which is loved by al the hippies and party freaks. This is the beach where one can witness the true amalgamation of Eastern spiritual traditions and art with the Western music, cultures and ideologies. Anjuna beach in North Goa is where the night comes alive every day. The non-stop parties, the music, the food and the dance, this beach is meant truly for those who wish to party in Goa. Enjoy the popular full-moon parties at Anjuna Beach or the parties at Nightclub Curlies. When you get tired of partying, check out the major attractions on the beach which include The Chapora Fort, The Albuquerque Mansion and The Mascarenhas Mansion.

  • Calangute Beach:

    The largest beach in Goa, Calangute Beach is given the accolade as the “Queen of beaches”. This is the perfect holiday destination for tourists from all around the world. Perhaps, this is why it is the most crowded beach in Goa at all seasons. The beach which was discovered by the hippies in around 1960s comes alive at its best during the New Year and Christmas Seasons. Spend your Christmas and New Year Celebrations at Calangute Beach and it will be an experience like no other. Major attractions in the beach include St. Alex Church and Kekar Art Complex.

  • Arambol Beach:

    The elegant beach is divided into parts is an ideal tourist destination for all those who wish to feast on the calm, quiet and tranquil ambiance. The beach is especially suitable for swimming activities. Explore the unhindered surroundings of the beach and enjoy the valley and hills and surrounding jungles. The musical nights at the beach are immense fun. The hotel is also ideal for Yoga & Meditation. Tourists love to go on boat rides to view the dolphins. Major attractions in the beach include Teracol Fort and Fresh Water Lake.

South Goa:

mandrem beach in goa

South Goa is where one goes to experience the traditional aura around and to see on their own the magnificent architecture, they have heard about for so long. Major churches in South Goa include Church of St. Francis of Assissi, Church of St Augustine, St. Cajetan Church, Se Cathedral and Basilica of Bom Jesus. Major beaches in South Goa include:

  • Agonda Beach:

    Recently acclaimed as the 2nd best beach in Asia, Agonda Beach in South Goa is meant for those who wish to spend a relaxed vacation in Goa. The pristine silver sands on the beach and the blue waters surrounding it are just gorgeous to look at. The cool and calm surroundings of the beach make it an ideal destination for relaxing, swimming sunbathing and sightseeing. For honeymoon couples, Agonda Beach is like sweet heaven with tall palm trees and hills in the backdrop. If you lucky, you might even see the endangered Ridley turtles here. Major attractions at the beach include Cabo de Rama, Mallikarjun Temple and Chandranath Temple.

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  • Cavelossim Beach:

    There must be a reason why Cavelossim Beach in South Goa is rated the 7th best beach in Asia. It is the most beautiful beach in whole of Goa. The surroundings of the beach are clean, calm and quiet and at the first sight, the beach sets the tone and mood for a relaxing holiday vacation. The beach is touted to house some of the best beach shacks in town serving the delicious authentic Goan cuisines. Most loved activity around this beach is that of dolphin viewing on boats at River Sal. Best beach houses in Goa are on this beach. The major attraction near the beach is the town of Margao.

  • Palolem Beach:

    This is one of the most thrilling beaches in Goa. The beauty of the beach is marked by the white sands and the stunning blue waters. The adventurous tone is added by the small wooden islands on the North of the beach which appear very luring. Tourists can try and persuade the nearby fisherman to take them across to the mysterious wooden islands. Meanwhile, with fisherman around, it becomes obvious that the beach is ideal for catching fish. Watching dolphins, lying on the sand and relaxing under the heat; such relaxed environment all around the beach has made it an ideal weekend getaway for the natives.

  • Colva Beach:

    This is the beach in Goa that has appeared the most in Bollywood movies. The shiny silvery-white sands, the crystal clear sky, the birds chirping and the swaying palm trees makes this beach picture-perfect. Enjoy the water-sports activities on the beach or indulge in beach volleyball with other tourists, which is a very fun-filled activity. Fishing and Cycling are the other muscular activities one can do here. If one wishes to relax, then he/she could simply walk on the beach and enjoy the delicious food at beach shacks. Major attractions include Church of Lady of Mercy, Colva Village and Bull fight.

  • Bogmalo Beach:

    Bogmalo Beach in South Goa is the town’s most sophisticated and elite beach. The hotel is surrounded by the huge 5-star hotel on the rightmost corner and hence it is a preferred destination for all the business tourists and elite travelers in the city. All the luxurious necessities of the guests are fulfilled when they visit the beach and hence it is often called as the 5-star beach of Goa. Guests can enjoy windsurfing and water-skiing activities on the beach as well.

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