Goa’s branding as ‘Centre of Ayurveda and Yoga’ at Arabian Travel Market in Dubai

The recently held Arabian Travel Market in Dubai stood witness to Goa’s self promotion as the Centre for Ayurveda, Wellness and Yoga tourism. Mr. Nikhil Desai, the MD of Goa Tourism and Development Corporation (GTDC), told that during monsoon season it becomes difficult to put forth beach as a salient feature of Goa. Therefore, this time they have taken this endeavor to promote Yoga, Ayurveda and wellness tourism during this season of the year. This will allow people to visit Goa with a different purpose and will subsequently boost tourism influx in the state.


The Arabian Travel Market is a leading international travel and tourism event in the Middle East for inbound and outbound tourism professionals from all over the world. Arabian Travel Market is a huge gathering of travel agents and hoteliers from different parts of the world.


Due to heavy monsoon, tourism is generally lean in India between the months of June and September. So these months can be promoted to West Asian countries and Iranian and Jordan tourists as they look out for cooler and rainy places during the time of scorching summers. Goa has even emerged as mid-haul destination for this category of travelers.

Generally, the peak season of Goa starts after September. Also, during monsoons, hotels offer exclusive monsoon packages at discounted rates. Such packages attract tourists from Iran and Jordan. As per the occupancy statistics of Goa hotels during monsoons, it is shown that 5 star hotels have 60% and other hotels have 50% occupancy. During the rainy season, tourists keep on flowing into the state for promoting Ayurveda, Yoga and wellness.

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