Top 10 Beaches in Goa for an Amazing Holiday Vacations

The beaches in Goa are serene, a lot of fun activity can be done in and around here and meanwhile if one simply wishes to relax, then Goa beaches are ideal for that as well. There are approximately 22 beaches in Goa and all of them are equally awesome. The question is bound to come to one’s mind. What beaches …Continue reading →


Summer Holidays in Goa: Spend Memorable Moments with Family

Touted as the land of sand, sea and surf, Goa is a must visit destination for tourists belonging to all age groups. The calling cards of Goa include vibrant nightlife, live music, fine restaurants & fabulous bars serving delectable sea food and of course the scenic shoreline. The state is home to sandy beaches, coconut palm trees, seafood dishes and …Continue reading →


Budget Travelers Hangouts in Goa

Whenever a thought pings the periphery of your brain about where to holiday this year…. Halt for a nano second!! This wait has already started popping 5 W’s and 1H in your head like where to go, what to see, whom to contact, How to go etc etc. In the diversified India in terms of culture and heritage, Goa is …Continue reading →


Goa Carnival 2014 – Time For Ultimate Fun & Fiesta

Goa Carnival 2014

Celebrations and parties in Goa started from in December and end is no soon. After various festivities, now is the time for Goa Carnival to color the state in vibrant hues of fun, festivity and amusement. The 4-day extravaganza is scheduled from 1st March’14 to 4th March’14. The carnival includes a parade of colorful floats and troupes of masked merrymakers …Continue reading →


Top 10 Places to Visit on a Tour to Goa


Goa is one state which is known for her unique culture and aura that separates her from any other destination in the whole wide world. Perhaps, this is why tourists come here on a regular basis. Whether you have been on a tour to this beach state in India or not, it has been clear for a long time to …Continue reading →