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Arambol Beach

Distance from Airport: 63 Km
Distance from Railway Station: 34 Km
Best time to visit: October to March
Activities: Swimming Watersport Shopping Golf Sightseeing
Beach Information

The Arambol Beach is situated at a distance of 50 kms from Panaji. This elegant beach is secluded and can be approached by traversing the roads flanked by the cashew trees. Spanned across an area of 16 kilometers, Arambol is split into two beaches- the first is Harmal beach known for its cliff formation and the second lying ahead of the rocky diadem and can be accessed only by foot as it is surrounded by vertical cliffs on two sides. Harmal beach is mainly visited for its peaceful ambiance and provides for good swimming conditions.

Nestling close to the Maharastra border which remains flocked by a large number of visitors who come here to enjoy and explore its relatively undeveloped surroundings.


Enjoy a short sightseeing walk :

To the north of the Arambol Beach resides a smaller beach which features a fresh water lake. At this place the fresh water and sea water mix.  This jungle valley bounded by low hills on both the sides has a Banyan tree. Close to this Banyan tree lies a stone sculpture which was created by an American Land art and conceptual artist. The stone sculpture has a message inscribed on it saying  “Give if you can - Take if you have”.

Musical Nights:

Enjoy a fun filled night on Arambol Beach where both national and international musicians perform live and play rich music majorly dominated by Gypsie-Fusion bands.

Magic of Healing Hands:

Meditation, Yoga and a variety of healing arts are practiced by various professional and indulging in some of these sessions is sure has a soothing effect on one's jaded body.

Boat trip:

Enjoy a boat trip to watch the frolic of the dolphins.


Teracol Fort:

Built by the Portuguese rulers of Goa and acted as a defense mechanism. The fort is now converted into a luxury hotel, in a way to conserve its old world charm.

Fresh Water Lake:

Visit the alluring freshwater lake situated in the midst of thick forest which is fed by the hot spring.